Meet Your Training Team

Mary Crawford, CCS, Canine Specialist

For 30 years Mary was a successful foot and ankle surgeon in Everett, Washington. Five years ago, she began her journey into the world of canine behavior. Bound by her lifelong love of dogs, Mary began as a volunteer at the local animal shelter. She became a member of a special team focusing on rehabilitating dogs relinquished to the shelter due to behavioral problems. One by one, the team helped these dogs change their behavior and become adopted back into the community. This stirred within her a passion to help such dogs before they got to a shelter by helping their owners manage behavioral issues and glean a better understanding of their dog. Since then, Mary has obtained a number of certifications and certificates (see below). She continues to participate in online and weekend courses, along with other activities to further her education and skills, including national conferences, internships in puppy camp at Ahimsa Dog Training, and serving as an assistant trainer in behavior with Canine Behavior Science.

CCS: Certificate in Canine Studies, graduate Northwest School of Canine Studies
ABS: Member of the Animal Behavior Society
IAABC: Supporting Member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants
APDT: Member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers
Karen Pryor Academy: Certificate in Dog Trainer Foundations

Other Credentials:
CDW: Certified Dog Walker by Dog Walking Academy
PPG: Supporting Member of the Pet Professional Guild
CCN: Certificate in Canine Nutrition, Academy of Natural Health Sciences

Kimberlee Spicer, CPDT-KA, Behavior Specialist

Kimberlee’s deep passion for helping pets that society has given up on was inspired by working eight years in animal shelters (where she continues to devote time). As Homeward Pet Adoption Center’s Animal Behavior Manager, she was responsible for post-adoption behavior evaluations and created, implemented and coordinated both their Dog and Cat Behavior Teams. These teams included 40-plus volunteers, hand-selected and trained by Kimberlee in animal behavior, training and behavior modification. In her role at Homeward Pet she worked with many canine behavioral challenges including:

  • fear based aggression
  • leash reactivity
  • muzzle training
  • anxiety
  • resource guarding
  • human-directed aggression and
  • dog-on-dog aggression.

Kimberlee has obtained her certification as a Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed, CPDT-KA and is also a Fear Free Certified Professional. Always looking for ways to advance her skills, Kimberlee often attends online and national conferences to further her knowledge and education in canine behavior, including:

  • PPG/Best Friends Workshop
  • Convergence of Human Training
  • Animal Training and Technology
  • Jo-Rosie Haffenden/Nando Brown Predatory Aggression seminar and
  • Enrolled in the Jean Donaldson Academy,

and is affiliated with:

  • APDT: Member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers
  • PPG: Supporting Member of the Pet Professional Guild


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