Pricing & Fees

Types of Training Offered by CCC

Coaching: An experienced trainer from CCC will come to your home to work with your dog and talk you through the training process. Most coaching takes place once weekly for one-hour sessions. You will be shown the mechanics of CCC training and will practice these skills with your trainer present. CCC will then provide you with written detailed instructions on skills to practice throughout the rest of the week.

Day Training: An accomplished trainer from CCC will come to your home to work with your dog, usually one-hour sessions, two to three times a week, depending on the needs of the dog. The training is highly focused on the dog attaining the behavior goals. While you are welcome to be present to observe the sessions, it is not necessary to be there to learn the techniques. Your trainer will set aside time later in the training process to transfer the mechanics and skills needed for you and your dog to be successful.

Overview of Pricing & Fees For CCC

Consultation Fees:

In-Home Consultation Fee: $225 (supplemental fee of $25 per additional dog assessed in consultation)
After the initial phone consultation, an in-home consultation will be scheduled that may take up to two hours. You will then receive an individualized, detailed behavior report within one week.

Day training/Coaching Fee: $140/session.

Packages: Any combination of day training/coaching sessions, (minimum six sessions) receives a 10% discount on the standard rate for a price of $126/session.

These prices are in effect Jan 2020 through Dec 2020. Contact Crawford Canine Connection for further information on circumstantial rates that may apply.

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